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MyFeria is the technology arm of HELPCA, which is an online community market that opened during the Covid 19 pandemic in Costa Ballena, Costa Rica that unites 70 local vendors, feeds over 400 households, supports 200 families in need and divides by 10 the transportation carbon foot print of getting this products to consumers.

Since then we have supported new farmers market digitalize themselves to adapt to their new reality and enable them to compete with large distributors. Read more.



Our team is a mix of French, American and Costa Rican tech entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs with over 50 years of combined experience launching successful tech start-ups, scaling businesses globally and partner with NGO's to integrate IMPACT in the DNA of their businesses.



We  partner with local farmers & farmers market to source local organic food, local vendors to source local products, local NGO’s to distribute free foods to family in needs,  local environmental consultants to find efficiencies in distributing products, local media to promote our initiatives, local people to launch and manage operations ways and local markets to help them digitalize their operations.

Woman at Farmers Market

Vision & Mission

MyFeria’s vision is that technology shall regenerate thriving local communities. Our mission is to empower local vendors to sell their products to their local community in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.


We are actively contributing to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals but our responsibility is to go beyond sustainability and achieve regeneration. We avoid competition, disruption, revolutions that seed  resistance and divisions, but nurture collaboration and  incremental changes that enable markets and people to adapt, go along and unite in the right direction.