Do you want to buy  fresh, local products delivered to your door ?

Do you want to source your products locally to regenerate local communities and limit carbon emissions?

MyFeria was created for you:

  • It's easy to find your favorite products and vendors: you can browse by products categories or by vendors

  • You get a good deal: you can compare items by price and receive loyalty discounts

  • It's convenient: you order only what you want and can easily re-order your favorite items, You can choose if you want to pick up your items or get delivered. 

  • It's safe and reliable: You don't go to crowded places but you can still see the community ratings of vendors and their products

  • It's good for your local community and for the world: You support your local businesses and you  reduce your carbon footprint.

Connect with your
local community


Buy the products you want from your favorite vendors


Limit food waste and transportation costs


Fair & Open Prices

Find a local market where you can buy  food & products:

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